I have been helping New Zealand employers and payroll managers like you for over 20 years through our payroll companies Comacc The Payroll People and Just Payslips. After a short respite where we went off and set up a successful wine business we’ve decided it’s time to come back to the fold.

To butcher a common expression – “you can take the boy out of payroll but you can’t take payroll out of the boy”

Having decided to come back into the payroll space, we wanted to create a series of products and services through which we could make the biggest difference in the lives of employees, payroll managers and businesses in general. Hence the launch of  TimeHub.co.nz and PayrollHQ.co.nz

Through this blog, we are able to offer our thoughts on the payroll industry, industry news, tips to better manage your payroll, guidance on best practice when implementing or operating a payroll, advise on time and attendance systems.

We will also be publishing guidance and commentary on payroll related matters as we strive to raise the profile this mission-critical business process.