The is a change to Paid Parental Leave taking effect this week.


1st of June Change to Parental Leave.

From this week parents who want to receive parental leave payments can choose to first use other types of paid leave they’re entitled to, eg:

  • annual leave
    alternative days
    special leave
    time off in lieu.

They can now choose to start their 18-week parental leave payment period once they have taken other types of paid leave — even if this is after the child’s arrival. Previously the parental leave payment period couldn’t start later than the child’s arrival.

Here is a link to more detailed info on Parental leave scenarios: Who can and can’t take it

Queens Birthday

MImage 2017-05-29 at 2.33.45 PMonday is Queens Birthday weekend and the last Public Holiday for a while. One of the most common questions we receive from payroll people is – How do I work out what my staff are entitled to for the Public Holiday?

To make working this out easier, Employment New Zealand has created a handy little flowchart which will step you through the process. You can find it by clicking

If you would like more detailed information on Public Holidays you can find that here.


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