When did we start selling sponsored content on Government websites?

Image 2017-04-08 at 5.02.56 PM.pngI appreciate the content that the Business.govt.nz and employment.govt.nz sites provide to NZ businesses.

They do a good job, but when did the Ministry of Business and Innovation (@MBIEgovtnz)  start allowing sponsored content on Govt websites? And promoting them on social media.

Can all payroll and accounting providers supply content with logos?

No offence to Scott Gardiner but the reality is this was advertising masquerading as a very lightweight advisory piece.

The normal content on the business.govt.nz and employment.govt.nz is far more detailed and valuable, and every employer should check them out.

What will we see next – “6 Tips for a better tax return” sponsored by MyTax.co.nz or “12 Tips for a better GST Return” sponsored by Xero, posted on the IRD site.

If Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment or any other government department is going to open their sites up to marketers can someone please let me know who is running their ad sales as I would like to get in line.

The original tweet which alerted me to this was here:  https://twitter.com/business_govtNZ/status/850180800951668736

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